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Umaa Institute Zimbabwe

Umaa Institute Zimbabwe is a formal school established in 1988. It is an institution rooted in the culture of learning supported by highly intellectual staff member. This institution  

Umaa Institute Harare

Established in 2003, Umaa Institute Harare was the first day-school in the group of institutions. the school focused solely on secondary education but the institutions portfolio includes courses such as Motor mechanics and fitting and turning. 

Umaa Elite College

Established in 2010, Umaa Elite College was characterized by a focused form of learning and teaching that caters for both fast and slow learners. Umaa Elite college has a small student to child ratio of 1:10 respectively at all levels. 

Umaa Institute of Business,  Technical & Agriculture

Umaa institute of International Courses was established in 1988 with the goal of providing affordable tertiary education to our Southern African Community.

The institutions currently offer Certificate and Diploma level courses from different academic boards recognized with our region.

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