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Umaa Institute of Agriculture

Posted December 20, 2015


Umaa is on a growth path in building the future of the group of Institutions and improving the learning facilities of our students. The building in the picture has four large learning class rooms and a school hall. This new block is adjucent to the administration block which is under construction also. The Administration block will comprise of the library, staff room, head of station office and the board room. Umaa Agriculture will also host another branch of the Umaa group of institutions and that is the Heart of the organisation and is known by Umaa Ministries. 



Umaa Ministies 

Posted December 20, 2015


This is the Heart of Umaa as All is Centred on God. The buildings that you see comprises of  the Hall and the Kitchen for the Umaa Ministry. Every human has the right to seek the love of God.

Umaa Institute Harare

Posted February 12, 2016


Umaa Institute Harare is undergoing renovations and expansion, which is due to be completed before the Umaanian year is over. This uplift follows the great performance by the now Form 5's in their O'level exams. The Umaa subsiduary has proven itself to the community it serves, thus to meet demand and sticking to our organisational mandate on student - teacher ratio, new classes where required to satisfy demand without affecting the pass rate of the institution. 



Upcoming Events


FRI FEB 26, 09:30 AM

Zim vs Elite

SAT MAR 12, 10:30 AM

Elite vs Msasa

WED JULY 31, 11:30 AM


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