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About Umaa Institute

The Principle's Welcome,

Welcome to Umaa Group of institutions. Umaa's primary objective is to mould leaders and train the future of our global community. As a group of institutions we aim to train and equip our community with a skill set that will assist them in broadening thier future horizons as we focus also on the individual, spiritual, mental , and physical aspects of our students. We see education as a right to every child and we believe every child is destined for greatness as all pupil are equal regardless of race, tribe, gender, creed, colour or physical status. 

Umaa was established in 1988 as my fulfilled dream and I have made it my mission to develop my community so that they can reach out to the world. As part of the legacy of Umaa, we have moulded countless success stories that now form the proud history of this wonderful institution. I salute my fellow collegues, staff, Umaanians and Graduates for making Umaa my dream a success. UMAA PEACE. 


Dr. Cleopas Kundiona 
​Principle & Founder 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to manage a change with a global look home policy. A man who forgets his roots forfeits his future. 

Our History

Umaa was established in 1988 offering professional courses and only Form 4 to Form 6. When Umaa started we had a diverse group of students from all over SADC and since then Umaa has grown form just a single college to a multi-institution specialised in academic and professional disciplines. 

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